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Indulge in Luxury at L'Antica A Premium Hotel and Restaurant Experience

L’Antica is a premium hotel and restaurant in downtown Los Angeles. The premium lifestyle facilities and cozy lodgings ensure that your visit is exceptional. Their rooms are large and attractively designed, with high-end furnishings and modern facilities. Our beautiful surroundings will make you feel completely at home.

Yet our wonderful Italian cuisine is the true star of the show at L’Antica. They have excellent chefs who have produced a menu of classic and trendy cuisine that will wow your taste buds. L’Antica has something for everyone, from homemade pasta and wood-fired pizzas to delectable seafood dishes and perfectly cooked meats. Remember to leave space for dessert!

L’Antica pastry chef has crafted a menu of sweet treats that are the perfect end to any meal. Whether you’re in town for a romantic getaway or a business trip, L’Antica is the ultimate destination for those seeking luxury and comfort.


Maintaining a premium standard in both hotel accommodations and restaurant offerings amidst the competitive hospitality industry.


L'Antica aims to provide guests with an exceptional experience by offering premium lifestyle facilities, cozy lodgings, and exquisite Italian cuisine.


Guests enjoy spacious, well-appointed rooms and a diverse menu featuring classic and trendy Italian dishes. The perfect destination for luxury and comfort.

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