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Unleash Your Brand's Power, Transforming Identities through Strategic Design at KIXX STUDIO

At KIXX STUDIO, we’re dedicated to your brand’s success. With a team of skilled designers, we specialize in crafting logos, websites, and more.

From rebranding to new ventures, our comprehensive services cater to all budgets and ambitions. Let’s shape your brand journey together.

20 +

Researchers, strategists, creatives, and engineers working together to create people-friendly experiences.

30 +

Clients and digital products we’ve helped since 2014.

0 +

Countries represented in our studio, offer a global perspective on everything we do.

40 +

60+ times we’ve been featured in various design portfolio web showcases representing our products.

Meet Our Design Visionaries, Unveiling the Talented Minds of KIXX, Committed to Crafting Minimalistic Masterpieces with Innovation and Expertise.

Jacob Smith

Creative Director

Emily Brown

Project Manager

Sofia Rodriguez

Brand Strategist

Lily Thompson

Brand Consultant

Benjamin Scott

Marketing Coordinator

Kevin Nguyen

Graphic Designer

Empowering Brands, Enriching Connections, Innovative Solutions from Our Creative Agency NYC

As a CREATIVE AGENCY NYC, we specialize in a range of services to fortify your brand identity. From Custom Web Design NYC to innovative creative solutions, we’re here to propel your company forward and foster valuable client relationships. With expertise spanning various sectors such as real estate, financial services, technology, media, healthcare, and education, our solutions resonate across industries. We leverage these innovations to make a meaningful impact on society.

Our commitment extends to providing accessible brand solutions that enhance transparency in our operations, ensuring affordability without compromising quality. Count on us for any customization needs, delivering tailored solutions to meet your requirements every step of the way.

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