Step into the world of luxury at L'Antica


L’Antica is a premium hotel and restaurant in downtown Los Angeles. The premium lifestyle facilities and cozy lodgings ensure that your visit is exceptional. Their rooms are large and attractively designed, with high-end furnishings and modern facilities. Our beautiful surroundings will make you feel completely at home.

Yet our wonderful Italian cuisine is the true star of the show at L’Antica. They have excellent chefs who have produced a menu of classic and trendy cuisine that will wow your taste buds. L’Antica has something for everyone, from homemade pasta and wood-fired pizzas to delectable seafood dishes and perfectly cooked meats. Remember to leave space for dessert!

L’Antica pastry chef has crafted a menu of sweet treats that are the perfect end to any meal. Whether you’re in town for a romantic getaway or a business trip, L’Antica is the ultimate destination for those seeking luxury and comfort.

L'Antica Hotel and restaurant
L'Antica Hotel and restaurant

L’Antica is a luxurious Italian hotel and restaurant located in the vibrant city of Los Angeles. The elegant logo, featuring sleek and sophisticated font, captures the high-end atmosphere of the establishment. The incorporation of the city’s initials, LA, into the design further emphasizes the hotel’s location and adds a local touch. With its luxurious amenities and fine dining options, L’Antica offers an upscale experience for travelers and locals alike.

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L’Antica has a long history of excellence in the hospitality sector and has been a hotel and restaurant in Los Angeles for more than 35 years. It has gained popularity as a top choice for both tourists and residents searching for an affluent and sophisticated experience due to its opulent amenities and exquisite eating selections. L’Antica has earned a reputation for providing excellent service and fostering a warm environment for its visitors throughout the years.

The hotel and restaurant’s dedication to quality has resulted in a devoted following of patrons and a prestigious position in the Los Angeles neighborhood. L’Antica is a great option for lodging and eating whether you’re in the city for business or for fun.

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Dear Guest,

We are thrilled to welcome you as a guest at the L’Antica. Being a magnificent hotel and restaurant in the center of Los Angeles, we are dedicated to offering the finest quality of service and facilities to our guests. We hope you have a pleasant and delightful stay with us and that you take advantage of everything our hotel has to offer.

Whether you’re in town for business or pleasure, we want your time at L’Antica to be memorable and pleasurable. Please let us know if there is anything else we can do to make your stay more pleasant. We eagerly await your arrival and hope to see you again.